Spring Semester Shadowing: Med/Peds

Here is another short little blog post about one of my shadowing experiences this past semester! You can find last semester shadowing info here and my latest spring post here! Today I’m talking about a specialty I didn’t hear about until med school: Medicine/Pediatrics. Did you know there are other residency programs with dual training? For example, internal … More Spring Semester Shadowing: Med/Peds

Spring Semester Shadowing: Cardiology

Last semester I wrote about my experiences shadowing oncology, urgent care, and orthopedics. You can check that post out here! Today, I am sharing one of my six shadowing experiences of the semester! Overall, I shadowed cardiology, med/peds, neurosurgery, emergency, and family medicine! One of my favorite things about shadowing is when an experience completely opens your … More Spring Semester Shadowing: Cardiology

A PAssion for Women’s Health – Guest Blogger: Jamie, PA-S.

Hi everyone! Today I’m sharing an awesome post written by a PA student I met on Instagram. Instagram has proven time and time again to be an amazing community where I meet other pre-healthcare professionals like myself. I’ve been following Jamie, a PA student, for quite sometime and have always admired her honest take on … More A PAssion for Women’s Health – Guest Blogger: Jamie, PA-S.

The Reason Why I Was Rejected from Medical School

Getting accepted to medical school is no easy task. AAMC provides data (Table A-1) that shows how many medical school applicants there are in a cycle compared to how many of those applicants matriculate. In 2016-2017, there were 53,042 applicants and only 21,030 matriculants. I’ve often heard that getting into medical school is the hardest part of a career … More The Reason Why I Was Rejected from Medical School