BIG NEWS: I Drink Coffee Now

Okay so this isn’t the biggest news but it’s news nonetheless. As of last week, I have officially changed my drink of choice from the pricey and sugary iced caramel macchiato to an iced vanilla coffee with cream and sugar. You may have seen the news on Instagram because I was just so excited to share that I drink coffee now. I didn’t have one sip of coffee before med school started and now I enjoy drinking it?! Who am I?!


I received a tip in the comments that I’m sure to try sometime. The tip suggested using coconut milk instead of cream and sugar because it sweetens the drink without adding as much calories! Has anyone else tried coconut milk in their coffee?

A lot of people also noted that one day I’ll move to straight black coffee. I would have never believed them a year ago but now, I can definitely picture it. I went from almost gagging when I would take a sip of my boyfriends coffee to purposely driving a different way home to grab some Starbucks. If anything this blog has provided readers, it has been my coffee journey (LOL)!

Last night I tried another drink for the first time, a piña colada! Only thing that could make it better would be if I was drinking it on a beach next to the ocean 🙂


I hope everyone has a great Wednesday!!!


4 Things You Might Miss from Undergrad

As I’m writing this on my last day of spring break, I realize that I’m so close to finishing my first year of med school! It feels like yesterday when I received my first stethoscope. I was thrown into a new state, new friends, and so many other new things. After 8.5 months, I’m used to my “new” schedule. I’m finally used to the long days filled with libraries and desks, my new-found love of coffee (I still drink it super sweet and super diluted because actual coffee tastes gross but… caffeine), books, and google searches.

With graduation season approaching, I’ve been reminiscing about my Buckeye days. I loved my college experience. So with my new med school lenses, I’d like to look back and share 4 things you might miss from undergrad:

Having classes with hundreds of people you’ll never meet.
100ThomasBackSmallOkay so this is weird, right? Maybe you actually hated those huge lecture hall classes. But looking back, I sure do miss those. I was a freshman when I took bio and chem with 600 other students. I miss those days where I literally knew nothing as a wide-eyed freshman and felt so proud to say I was a biochem major even though I had not yet taken a ochem or pchem class.

Late night pizza excursions. 
16864501_10154393677675835_8694097149061886611_nMed school version might be late afternoon coffee excursions. It gets wild during exam week. Okay maybe I just miss college pizza.

When gen chem was hard.
a2eb4b5cac868495770db4bf458d9bd4.1000x714x1HAHA this cracks me up. I used to think gen chem was so hard. Why would I miss this?! Looking back, I remember being stuck on unit conversions. UNIT. CONVERSIONS. But maybe I’ll look back from now and laugh at myself being stuck on skull foramen and nerves… maybe. I miss the simpler days 🙂

Summer breaks !!!
13335805_10153705316530835_5355887075228009704_nI actually never had a true summer break! The first summer I took an online English course. The second one, I took a few classes like nutrition and sociology. The third summer I took an anatomy dissection course where I was first exposed to a cadaver!! But anyways, these summers were still great and relaxing and everything I needed. This summer coming up will be my last one 😦 But I’m so fortunate to be doing something I’m super excited about during it!!

Fall is Knocking

OMG I LOVE FALL. Football, leaves, colors, pumpkins, cold, sweaters, and football. I went to undergrad to a HUGE football school and now I go to a medical school where the love for football is almost as great. As it’s the first weekend of fall, my mom decided to come visit me and bring me a few fall goodies (my mom spoils me so much).

First off, she brought me the CUTEST fall wreath for my apartment door. img_8829I mean it’s just the perfect mixture of girly, fall, and welcoming.  I just love it so so so much. I’m pretty sure she got it at Marshall’s – where you can find the most random things for a great price.

Secondly, my mom totally understands the rigors of med school. She left me all day to study on Sunday (yet hi here I am writing a blog) and then I get this text while she it out and about:

sorry for the ginormous pic – just making sure you can read it 🙂

I mean… how perfect for fall. My mom is the bomb. I don’t know if you have kept up on my instagram, but I am a new coffee lover. It’s so new to me. Yesterday I tried the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time and of course my basic self loved it.

And finally, she is making me homemake chicken noodle soup – my absolute favorite food in the entire world and galaxy and omg I just love her soup. Just so fitting for fall. Aren’t moms just the best?

Anyway, happy fall!!