My Pediatric Clerkship Experience

HI ERRYBODY! It has been far too long since I’ve posted. Obviously life as a medical student is busy, but I think that my life outside of school has been even busier! Since I last posted, I finished up pediatrics, had my first wedding shower, went to Florida, FINISHED OBGYN, had my bachelorette party, and am now halfway done with surgery. Time has been flying!!!

One of my biggest supporters of this blog is my dad. He often bugs me and urges me to write more and I always find an excuse: I’m too busy, too tired, too stressed. Today, however, he mentioned that writing would be cathartic for me and it is helpful for other people. He said the right thing that motivated me to finally write some more (and the fact that I’m procrastinating studying and cleaning hehe). So there’s a little shout out to my dad 🙂


My pediatric clerkship was divided into 4 weeks outpatient and 4 weeks inpatient. I truly loved my pediatrics rotation! The residents and faculty were always so cheerful, kind, and eager to teach!

Without further ado, here are some quick bullets on things I learned, experienced, liked, and disliked about pediatrics!


  • One of my favorite aspects of peds was that the patients usually presents with just one problem. They didn’t have a list of comorbidities, medications, and complications like the family medicine patients did. A little baby would come in with RSV, would be treated symptomatically, and then be on their little baby way!
  • I saw some textbook pathology that was SO COOL to see. Kawasaki’s. Situs inversus. DKA. I could list more and more, but you get the point. The medicine on peds was awesome.
  • Kiddos are awesome. I loved doing a physical exam on them, letting them touch and play with the stethoscope before I listened to their little heart! Maybe I got lucky because I didn’t experience a screaming child trying to hit me… But the kids I got the pleasure to help take care of were resilient, fun, and carefree kids.


  • Although I never witnessed it, pediatrics doesn’t always have a positive outcome. I think I would struggle seeing kids take a turn for the worse or not survive their disease. I would need some serious coping mechanisms to deal – although this is true for any patient death regardless of age.
  • I feel that I would have to specialize to get more access to procedures! As stated in my previous posts, I really love using my hands. I didn’t see general pediatricians doing much procedural wise.

what I learned:

  • There are so many specialties of pediatrics. I guess I never fully comprehended that anything is a medicine specialty is also a pediatric specialty. My two favorite specialties were peds GI and endocrine!
  • Parents generally care for their child and are not as bad as the connotation you probably heard. I had parents bend over backwards to make sure my preceptor knew how much they liked working with me— WHAT!
  • Lots of preventive medicine talks start with the pediatrician!!! Seatbelts, not smoking, not drinking, helmets – all important educations pieces that the doctor can help enforce on the kiddo!


Next up: OBGYN!

hopefully not 5 months from now… 🙂


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