Life One Year After Getting Engaged

November 18, 2017 was the BEST. DAY. EVER. I got engaged to my best friend, got to explore the best city on earth – NYC, and see Spongebob on broadway… like WHAT?!?! You can read all about our engagement HERE!!!

I wanted to write a little bit about wedding planning as a medical student (and planning a wedding from a different state) so that I could potentially help someone out there during this VERY EXCITING TIME 🙂

Wedding planning is obviously stressful. Being a medical student is obviously stressful. Doing both at the same time? Actually manageable. Below are some tips to make the planning have as little stress as possible 🙂

(if you just want to see cute pictures from all things wedding planning, scroll below!)

  1. talk with you partner about your must haves and must have nots right away!
    • literally on the way home from NYC, I had my laptop out and Jason and I started planning. We initially wanted a small wedding (LOL my family alone is 92 people) and decided on two times of the year that were optimal for our schedules.
    • it’s a good idea to have these covered from day one so that it is obvious what is important to each person.
    • a random must not for me is I don’t want country music! A must have was ceremony and reception at same venue!
  2. talk to your deans about best time to have a wedding!
    • lots of medical students get married during medical school! And your deans might have input into what time of the year has worked the best for previous students.
    • I chose to get married in between third and fourth year for a bunch of reasons, but other options that were suggested include the winter break of fourth year or right after graduation!
  3. talk with the people who may be financially supporting this wedding (just you and your partner, parents, grandparents, etc)
    • it’s important to set up a budget fast so you know what things you must accommodate and what things you can splurge on.
    • Jason and I put a ton of emphasis on having an amazing photographer since pictures are so important to us – hence why we invested in Allison at!
    • Our parents have been extremely supportive (which is so lucky and fortunate since both Jason and I are students with a $0 income). Jason and I are paying for the photographer and videographer ourselves, and parents are splitting the rest.
  4. sign up for a wedding website account like or
    • both of these sites have amazing checklists to keep the planning on time and in check!
    • they also offer resources with a bunch of tips ranging from wedding party favor ideas to how to do a seating chart!
    • don’t forget to create a wedding website that can share hotel information, registry information, etc!
  5. take advantage of breaks from school to do the majority of your planning!
    • after getting engaged near Thanksgiving, I had used Thanksgiving break to email venues, set up venue tours for during Christmas break, set up meeting with photographers during Christmas break, etc.
    • I had gotten the huge things (date, venue, food, and photographer) done and out of the way within a month and a half!!
    • spring break, I tackled DJ, bridesmaid dresses, and videographer!
    • summer break (after step), I took engagement pictures, got my wedding dress, and found a florist!
  6. use wedding planning as your study break
    • after getting engaged, all I wanted to do was go on Pinterest and dream up of the perfect wedding. IT WAS SO DISTRACTING. I quickly realized I needed to prioritize school but keep the fun wedding planning as timed breaks.
    • I would advise not wedding planning before bed because my mind could not turn off from all the ideas popping in and out (LOL)
  7. remember that your life outside of med school is so extremely important!!!
    • celebrate being engaged any chance you can! love the process of wedding planning while studying to have the best career ever!
    • it might be overwhelming at first, but remember your life and happiness is more important than a test 🙂


Below are some pictures from all the fun of wedding planning!

Thanksgiving was right after our engagement, and Jason’s grandma made the cutest cake to celebrate!
Shopping for our wedding cake!
Another wedding cake shopping post 🙂
Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
found my wedding dress with my maid and matron of honor!
sneak peak at the way I asked my maid of honor to be a part of our wedding!
same thing for my matron ❤
my amazing med school friends threw me a surprise engagement party! my BFF made this pinterest worthy bubbly bar!
obviously obsessed with my ring but also a med student (name that sketch)
Thanksgiving 2017
I was SO spoiled by my amazing friends and family who showered me with presents!
My BFF from college gave me this cute picture frame 🙂
Another picture from the surprise engagement party!!




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