My Family Medicine Clerkship Experience

Well hello everybody! It’s been a few months since I have last posted and since then, I have finished family medicine AND am 3 weeks into my pediatrics rotation!

As I did after psych and neuro, I want to take the time to write about my experiences in family medicine.

At my school, we have 8 weeks of family medicine! Of those 8 weeks, 4 weeks are at my home institution with 1 of those weeks being inpatient family medicine. The other 4 weeks are spent at a rural location with a preceptor.

Without further ado, here are some quick bullets on things I learned, experienced, liked, and disliked about both psychiatry and neurology!

F A M I L Y  M E D I C I N E

  • The continuity of care. When I was at my rural location, my preceptor closely followed a set of patients. These patients sometimes came in every 2 weeks! It was a good feeling seeing a patient for a second time, being already familiar with them and their problem list.
  • My favorite part about family medicine was the education that came with it. I loved having the opportunity to listen to physicians explain why these blood pressure medicines were important and why a lower blood pressure should be a goal. When I was on my rural rotation, the physician I was with was an excellent teacher, to both my self and the patients.
  • I had no idea that family medicine had so many procedures!!! I got to insert an IUD, freeze of some actinic kerotoses, witness a toenail removal, and witness a nexplanon insertion!!! I ❤ procedures.


  • While the patient population was interesting to experience, I’m not sure if it’s something that I would want forever. I found it overwhelming to deal with SO many topics of medicine. Not sure if it’s because this is my first exposure to a career that is “jack of all trades” or if I would prefer something a little more specific, but at the time, I was definitely overwhelmed.
  • Geriatric patients have always made me sad LOL. While I love the elderly personally, I find treating them to be difficult. I love the little old ladies that come to clinic but it breaks my heart when they talk about how their partner died 8 years ago and how they have no family nearby to help take care of them.
  • It was disheartening to see so many unhealthy people not care about their health and outcomes. No matter how much the physician and I wanted them to care and get better, if the patient didn’t care, they wouldn’t change 😦

what I learned:

  • Heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer are really as common as you learn they are. The majority of the patients I saw had at least one of these conditions.
  • When you are practicing as a family physician, you can really tailor your practice to the patient population you want to see. I worked with a resident who loved the OB side of OB/gyn and who loved newborns but did not want to become an OB/gyn or neonatologist. Instead, he went the family medicine route and filled his clinic with pregnant women, new borns, and well child checks!
  • Even though there are those patients who don’t care about their disease, there are definitely the people that do! It was really motivating to see patients actively losing weight to help with their hypertension or people taking their diabetes medication correctly and getting an HbA1C below 8!


Next up: pediatrics!


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