Night in Pittsburgh


But as a medical student, it’s hard for me to find time to travel (also, poor student probs). I am trying to venture to cities only a drive away to make myself feel like I can balance the desire within me that wants to travel the world and the student that has to stay home and study.

My fiancé and I spontaneously decided to go to Pittsburgh because we both felt we could use some new city fun. We’ve been to Pittsburgh a few times before, loving this city each and every time. One of our favorites was when we drove up one Saturday in 2016 and the Regatta festival was taking place! It was such a fun little surprise.

Below are some pictures and links to the restaurants or places we visited 🙂

Il Tetto Rooftop Beer Garden – where we went for happy hour, $5 drinks and bar snacks! (The fries are AMAZING.)

Took a walk around Point State Park followed by the cutest little area, Market Square (sometimes they have fun events in the square!) Last time we were in Pittsburgh, we went to Winghart’s but didn’t go this last time because we wanted to try to find something new!

Dinner was at Sienna Mercato – Mezzo!

So the rooftop beer garden was actually a part of a TRIO of restaurants. Sienna Mercato is a 3-story building, with each floor as a separate theme. The ground floor, the only floor we didn’t eat at, is where you can get all different types of meatballs; the second floor, is Mezzo, charcuterie & pizza & other amazing things (where we ate – AMAZING); and top floor is the roof top beer garden!!! Super cute and right in the city.

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This is the view from Mount Washington!!! So, so pretty ❤

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Finished off the trip with possibly the biggest breakfast I have ever eaten, at a cute diner in the Strip District called Kelly O’s.

I literally could not eat anything for approximately 8 hours after that breakfast… SO GOOD.

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh?! What places, restaurants, etc., should I visit on my next trip to the Burgh?!

PS thank you Tay Tay for the amazing recommendations 🙂


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