Life Update: I’M ENGAGED!!!

I like to treat this blog almost as an open diary to share my experiences both in and outside of medical school. I was hesitant to share such a personal experience but I want to continue my effort of trying to be as transparent as possible! So without further ado, I’d like to share some pictures from the day I became engaged!!! 🙂

PS. Thank you to everyone who has messaged me and commented on my Instagram posts!!! It’s so exciting and so much fun, and when people congratulate me, it makes me relive the moment all over again ❤

We started the day early with a walk through Central Park! Jason found a cute bench near Gapstow Bridge where we sat and where he popped the question!





I did NOT want to ever leave that bench. It was the absolute most perfect moment! Central Park was buzzing with runners, bikers, dogs, but yet he found this secluded area where it was quiet and peaceful. It was so, so, SO beautiful!

We walked back to the hotel, calling parents, friends, and family along the way. IMG_3247.jpeg

Next up, brunch!!!

We went to the sweetest little cafe called Le Pain Quotidien. They had such a cute menu and were so friendly and excited for us!




They even treated us with this cute dessert! SO CUTE.

Next was exploring NYC as a newly engaged couple. I had SO MUCH FUN walking around with my new jewelry and fiancé by my side. We went to the Empire State Building next, one of my favorite sites of the day.




It was a crazy feeling to be on top of the world with my new fiancé ❤

We finished up the night with SpongeBob on Broadway! That was actually the whole reason we were in NYC. He surprised me with this play as an early birthday present. Little did I know, he had a little something else planned the whole time 🙂



So those are some of my favorite photos of the day!! Thank you all for the congratulatory wishes! Means so, SO much!


Please do not share or use my photos without permission.


9 thoughts on “Life Update: I’M ENGAGED!!!

  1. Congrats on your engagement! I love that you went and saw spongebob that evening, that’s great! HAHA. I recently got engaged too, you can check out my post here💖💍 —

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