Biggest Med School Mistake

One would think that by the time they get to medical school that they are excellent note takers and professional students. I mean, by the time I got to medical school, I had already been a student for 17 years. Some students have additional degrees and have been students for even longer.

So what is the biggest med school mistake one can make?

I believe the biggest mistake is when students know that the way they are studying isn’t working for them and they refuse to change it. Reasons why they refuse to change methods include: “it worked for me in the past so I’m sticking with it” or “that material was just really hard and it wasn’t the study method’s fault that I did poorly”.

Sometimes people ask how I study in med school. I’ve even written a post about it in the past! But one thing I’m proud of is that if a study method is not working for me, I will change it up and I won’t stay stuck in my ways. I also adapt my studying based on the material, subject, or even teacher!

One of the most important pieces of advice for incoming medical students I have is to not be afraid to change the way they study or take notes. If something isn’t working and grades are suffering, change something! Whether that something is typing outlines instead of handwriting them to save time or using Quizlet as a supplement, changing something up instead of being stuck in one’s ways, in my opinion, will help that student get out of rut and improve their performance.


If you have any additional mistakes you’ve seen in medical school, share below so students don’t have to make the same ones!!! 🙂


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