Second Year So Far

I started my second year of medical school one week ago today. Before starting, I had made so many expectations of myself and had many ideas for how the school year would go. I was so ready to get back to work and get in a routine. Also, I never had taken any of the courses that I was about to take, so I was super excited to learn all new things.

But over this last week, I’ve dealt with something I haven’t experienced yet in med school.

In case you didn’t know, in medical school, there is a huge board exam called the USMLE Step 1 that students take after their second year. This test sort of determines what specialities you can choose to go into once you graduate. So it’s very important to do the best you can on this test to make sure you can choose a speciality that you want rather than be pushed towards one you don’t. So before classes even started, I knew that doing well on this exam would be a priority.

The thing about Step 1 is that there are so many resources out there for students to use. Day 1 of classes had everyone in my class talking about the different resources available and which ones they were planning on using. So many people had different study plans and methods, using different resources and study aides… it was beyond overwhelming.

It’s been stressful to be overwhelmed by resources. I have never experienced this stress so far because all of first year was pretty self-explanatory and simple. All you had to do was study your notes! But now, with Step 1 in the picture, everything seems so different. But I’m taking second year one day at a time and always accepting study tips!

So on that note, if you mastered second year or Step 1, please share some secrets below 🙂


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