Med School 101: School Supply Shopping

I’ve had such an amazing and overwhelming response to the Med School 101 Series! After receiving a ton of questions and messages, I am so excited to help incoming first years!

Today I’ll be talking about school supplies. School supply shopping was always a highlight of my summer (so nerdy, I know). I’ve always loved school and showing off my brand new folders, notebooks, pens, and pencils!

So what do you need for medical school? Here is a list of supplies I found important:

  1. dry erase board and eraser
    • Here is one on amazon that includes an eraser! I think I got mine at office max before I became an Amazon prime member!
    • This is SO helpful for writing and rewriting notes to make sure details get stuck in your head! I used it for biochem pathways and anatomy SO MUCH.
  2. dry erase markers, 8 count (at the minimum)
    • I bought these ones but there are so many to choose from on amazon
    • It’s important to buy at least an 8 count so you don’t have to repeat colors when drawing out pathways!
  3. set of colored pens
    • I’ve used these this past year!
    • When rewriting notes or writing in first aid, colors are important to differentiate between subjects!
  4. highlighters
    • I use highlighters very sparingly, highlighting only the absolute most important point. My boyfriend, on the other hand, highlights every word he reads… So depending on your highlighting technique, you may need only 1 highlighter or a pack of 8!
  5. pencils with lots of erasers
    • This school supply is pretty self-explanatory but my all-time favorite pencil that I’ve been using since high school can be found here!
    • Even though these are more expensive than your standard mechanical pencil, they are well worth the buy! They last SUCH a long time and have the best erasers.
  6. working laptop
    • Again, this is pretty self-explanatory. At my med school, we receive power points of the lectures and are able to either print them off or type directly on them. A few people in my class go with the pen and paper route while the majority, including me, use our laptops to take notes! Exams are taken on our laptops, we can watch lecture from our laptop, basically everything can be done from laptop.
    • I use a MacBook Air which I really like. I was a PC person my whole life and the Mac took a little while to get used to but in the end, it’s faster, lighter, and more user friendly.
  7. loose leaf paper or blank computer paper
    • I used this instead of using a spiral notebook so use whichever you prefer! I used paper to draw out diagrams, organ systems, pathways, and rewrite notes.
    • When reviewing a lecture, I first would reread the lecture slides and my added notes. Second time going through, I would jot only the most important notes on a piece of paper. Third time going through, I would add other notes in different colors. Then I would study this paper before an exam which condensed all of the material!
  8. folders
    • I’m just not a binder person because that means I have to deal with the dreaded three hole punch and I somehow always end up punching my papers wrong or where I have notes written. I use big clips (like these) to clip notes from blocks together and put them in a folder to store away!
  9. laptop stand, keyboard, and mouse
    • Because I was looking down all the time at books and my laptop, I started noticing neck and back pain early on! It wasn’t until I saw on instagram an awesome device to lift your laptop so that it’s at your eyesight that I finally solved my neck pain problem.
    • Laptop stand, only $20!
    • Keyboard $22
    • Mouse $10
    • There are cheaper keyboard and mouses out there but I wanted white ones to go with the theme of my bedroom (LOL).
  10. planner
    • Ugh I love my Erin Condren Life Planner. They are definitely pricey… so I make sure to use it to its full potential! There is so much you can do with these planners which is what I love about them. They are totally customizable and I love the 3 block layout.
    • You can find them here!

Any med students have school supplies not listed that they can’t live without?! Comment below!


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