Spring Semester Shadowing: Med/Peds

Here is another short little blog post about one of my shadowing experiences this past semester! You can find last semester shadowing info here and my latest spring post here!

Today I’m talking about a specialty I didn’t hear about until med school: Medicine/Pediatrics. Did you know there are other residency programs with dual training? For example, internal med/family med and internal med/psychiatry exist along with many others! These programs let the resident train in both specialities and then at the end of training, the resident can sit for both board exams to become dual-board-certified. I think that is super interesting because it opens up what type of patients you can see and what type of medicine you will be practicing dramatically.

I thought my experience would consist of both kids and adults but during my time, I only saw 3 adult patients. The physician I was following was working outpatient, so it seemed very similar as a family medicine physician I had shadowed in the past. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed this experience.

I was able to see the physician-patient contact and education that always intrigues me. When the doctor was explaining new medication to the patient, I found myself nodding in understanding and agreement as if I was the patient. I’m excited to finally study pharm this upcoming year so I have a clue what doctors talk about.

One thing that may have been interesting to see would have been to see this specialty in action in the hospital. Has anyone shadowed a med/peds physician before?! I would love to know if 50/50 balance is actually possible between children and adult patients!

Thanks for reading up on this unique specialty! If you have any questions about med/peds as a specialty, ask away 🙂

Next up is neurosurgery so stay tuned!


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