Spring Semester Shadowing: Cardiology

Last semester I wrote about my experiences shadowing oncology, urgent care, and orthopedics. You can check that post out here! Today, I am sharing one of my six shadowing experiences of the semester! Overall, I shadowed cardiology, med/peds, neurosurgery, emergency, and family medicine!

One of my favorite things about shadowing is when an experience completely opens your mind about a specialty you had never considered. This definitely happened a few times this semester so keep reading about my spring semester shadowing to find out when!


This experience actually was not supposed to happen. I was scheduled to follow a nurse in the cardiac lab and see what goes on in this setting of the hospital. But I was sort of handed off to a cardiologist who was performing a transesophageal ultrasound on a patient. This was absolutely fascinating! All semester my classmates and I have been learning about ultrasound, practicing it on each other, and even had a lab practical on standardized patients. So it was comforting to see something I was actually familiar with.

I followed along as the doctor inserted the skinny ultrasound probe down the patient’s esophagus as to view a clearer picture of the heart. The doctor pointed out each ventricle and atrium to me. He showed me how the valves all seemed to be working correctly. He used the colored doppler to make sure blood was flowing in the right direction. I was deeply engrossed because I completely understood and could follow along to what he was saying which was amazing because it doesn’t happen too often as a first year!

Doppler: BART (blue means away, red means toward)

Although I only was able to see one patient, it was one of my favorite shadowing experiences all year. It definitely made me want to consider cardiology as a future specialty!


If you have any awesome cardiology experiences or shadowing experiences in general, please share below so I make sure to check it out! 🙂



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