Long Distance Relationships in Medical School

Having a support system is HUGE in medical school. You are stressed, tired, overwhelmed, and so0oOo0o busy! Having someone there to support you along your journey is a necessity. My main support system is my boyfriend (of 6 years 🙂 ) who lives 3 hours away. I want to share some tips with how to survive long distance, especially during something as demanding as medical school.

prahm 🙂
  • Communication
    • Obviously this is the big numero uno. We keep each other updated throughout the day by texts so we know what each other is up to! We also talk on the phone, facetime, and snapchat to feel closer!
    • Sometimes on super busy days, it is helpful to have a scheduled call time so that it works for both of us!
  • Patience and Understanding
    • We are on different schedules most days. I’m an early bird and he’s a night owl. Having different schedules can be tough but this is where understanding and patience comes in. We communicate enough during the day so that we know when each other has a break and can talk for a little. We don’t talk on the phone everyday, but we understand that this is expected of our demanding schedules.
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go bux
  • Sacrifice
    • This one sounds hard, but it’s actually super easy. Sacrifice is just making time for what is important. To me, life is way too short to be doing something you don’t want to do. And I live by this motto everyday. So when it comes to seeing a football game or spending an entire weekend with my boyfriend, I will easily choose the latter.
    • There are times when the sacrifice goes the other way, where the decision is less flexible and you can’t skip a certain event. These situations aren’t fun but knowing ahead of time that these sacrifices are a part of med school and long distance will help make it a little easier.
  • Have a countdown
    • Something as simple as a countdown can make time between seeing each other go even quicker.
  • Expectations
    • We talked about expectations a lot before I moved and I definitely recommend this. It is SO helpful to be on the same page.
    • We talked how my first semester, it might be easier if he visited me more often since I would still be adjusting to med school. We also talked about how we should facetime every week and keep each other updated throughout the day. These expectations were SO helpful because it helped us to understand what was ahead of us.
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So far it has been 7 months of long distance and things are going great! There are hard times where we don’t get to share and talk as much as we would like each other, but then there are great times where we spend a full week together. Long distance truly makes the heart grow fonder and I’m thankful I have someone who makes it all worth it!

If anyone has some long distance tips, please share!!


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