Fall is Knocking

OMG I LOVE FALL. Football, leaves, colors, pumpkins, cold, sweaters, and football. I went to undergrad to a HUGE football school and now I go to a medical school where the love for football is almost as great. As it’s the first weekend of fall, my mom decided to come visit me and bring me a few fall goodies (my mom spoils me so much).

First off, she brought me the CUTEST fall wreath for my apartment door. img_8829I mean it’s just the perfect mixture of girly, fall, and welcoming.  I just love it so so so much. I’m pretty sure she got it at Marshall’s – where you can find the most random things for a great price.

Secondly, my mom totally understands the rigors of med school. She left me all day to study on Sunday (yet hi here I am writing a blog) and then I get this text while she it out and about:

sorry for the ginormous pic – just making sure you can read it 🙂

I mean… how perfect for fall. My mom is the bomb. I don’t know if you have kept up on my instagram, but I am a new coffee lover. It’s so new to me. Yesterday I tried the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte for the first time and of course my basic self loved it.

And finally, she is making me homemake chicken noodle soup – my absolute favorite food in the entire world and galaxy and omg I just love her soup. Just so fitting for fall. Aren’t moms just the best?

Anyway, happy fall!!


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