10 Reasons Why Medicine is the Best

Guys. Med school/medicine is truly the best. How can I even limit it ten reasons?!

In the 8 short weeks of medical school I have experienced, I am confident I have chosen the right path. I am reminded every day of how amazing medicine is and I am excited to share my top 10 reasons with you all:

10. You have an excuse to drink coffee 24/7.


Don’t feel judged when you get Starbucks at 9 p.m. on a Tuesday – you have an exam Friday so it’s totally okay! Go for that double shot of espresso that you desperately need.

9. You will make great friends.


This one seems a little obvious – anywhere you go you have the opportunity to make lifelong friends. But in medical school, you are literally stuck with a class size of 100 or so for two years. You take the same classes, struggle through the same classes, complain and hate about the same classes. And when you are done with those classes, you and your friends come out the other side with a whole new perspective and a whole new meaning of friendship.

8. The opportunity to work ANYWHERE.


Do you want to work in South America? Africa? Stay in the United States? Global Health is becoming more and more popular. You are able to share your knowledge and skills and work with the people of third world countries who desperately need medical help.

7. Watching medical shows just got that more relatable.


Grey’s. Scrubs. House. Code Black. YOU CAN RELATE! Well as a M1, I’m only slightly relating to those shows.

6. You will make an impact.


Ever since I was little, I would tell myself that I just want to be remembered. I didn’t have to be famous (although that would be sweet), but I wanted to be remembered. Remembered for the great things I have done, remembered for the great kindness I shared, and remembered for making a difference. As a doctor, you have the potential to make an impact on every patient you interact with – how cool.

5. You feel really, really smart.


I love when I feel smart. I think education is SO important in today’s society and even more important is sharing that education with others. As a doctor, you will share your education with your patients, colleagues, and students. When you are stuck in those preclinical years, like I am, I remind myself of how far I’ve come and how smart I am today.

4. Scrubs.


Okay so maybe this should not be so high on the list… but who doesn’t love that perfect pair of scrubs. Scrubs are basically professional pajamas.

3. You will be the best puzzle solver – ever.


I always loved puzzles as a kid. Now, I am learning how to solve puzzles of the human body! Why is this person sick? But how is that happening? What are the reasons behind that pathological mechanism? You will constantly ask questions – and be able to answer them – as you are solving the puzzle of disease.

2. You will never stop learning.


But seriously… HOW COOL IS THAT?! If you love to learn, and I mean constantly learn, like you will never ever stop learning, then medicine might be right for you. There is SO much to the science of medicine. In 2 months of medical school, I have already learned more than a year of undergrad. As a medical professional, you will have to stay on top of the latest scientific and medical developments, whether that be new drugs or procedures.

AND FINALLY. (and this is a personal one)

1. You see the light.


You have worked so hard all of high school and all of college. You’ve gotten amazing grades and a great test score. You have volunteered, been a member in clubs, and have shown you can balance work and life and school. You have gotten teacher recommendations, sent in applications, and gone on interviews. Maybe you were unsuccessful the first time and had to reapply. You finally get accepted. When you start medical school, you finally see the light. You see why you put in all that hard work. You are eager to start even more difficult school work because you see why it is worth it. You see the light.



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