Body, Mind, and Environment

I just had two exams on Friday (thank the lord I passed both). I had an entire weekend to catch up on sleep, spend some much needed time with my boyfriend, watch TV, completely relax, and I even went to a baseball game. Today, I only had two lectures (one less than usual). Yet here I am, still feeling exhausted from studying all last week. What do I do?

I’ve learned so quickly in med school that it is important to listen to your body. If you don’t feel like you are mentally ready to study, then don’t. Do something that your body will thank you for. Today, I took some much needed time cleaning my apartment, grocery shopping, and even working out. To top it all off, I am ending the night with some relaxing Netflix.

I did not study an ounce today. And that is okay. Sometimes you need to take care of yourself, whether it be your body, your mind, or your environment (or all three).

Also, Monday’s are always the worst, and there is nothing wrong with taking one off.


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