Project Linus

Hi blog world!!

Do you ever watch TV and find yourself playing on your phone or reading through an article and not even really watching TV? I do this all the time. I’m just more of a passive TV watcher except for when it comes to shows like Stranger Things where it has my full, undivided attention for hours on end (I may have been obsessed with Stranger Things). Anyway, I found that I am able to crochet while watching TV pretty easily. I still get to relax and am busy focusing on another task at hand.

There is an organization called Project Linus that provides homemade blankets for children in the hospital so that they can get that feeling of home in a totally new and scary environment. I found out that my medical school participates in the state’s chapter – meaning any blanket that I crochet, I can donate to be given sick children. How amazing is that?!

Guys, if you like to knit or crochet, you should see if Project Linus has a charter in your state! Such an easy thing to do while watching TV and for such an amazing cause 🙂


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