Just a Little Late to the Game 

Hi blog world!!

I’m a little late to the blog game… But after following some truly inspiring female medical students and physicians on Instagram, I have decided to start a blog of my own. I hope that this blog can relate to some other medical students or premeds or just normal people out there! I have no clue how this blog will unfold or what it will lead to but I am so excited to share my experiences in med school, life, and more.

With that little introduction, I’m going to make my first blog post about a donutimg_8657Even though this past week was only a four day week, it was a rough one. To start the weekend, I also caught a cold. So to reward myself for surviving the week and to spoil myself because I wasn’t feeling good, I bought myself this pretty pink donut. Does anyone else spoil themselves when sick?! Me… always.

Hopefully this little pink donut will carry me through this week… Especially because I have an exam this Friday!!!


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